The little sisters tour

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A guided tour for not seeing offending monuments


To protect oneself from visual pollution


An important program of monumental building is organised in Budapest against all public consultation. Notably the « Memorial for the victims of the German occupation » represents a very offending re-vision of history. Worse of all, this revised history is now engraved in the new Hungarian Constitution. And that is an offense to the fundamental right of an independent scientific research for the historians, and an unjustified limitation of the freedom of thought for everybody.


Little Sister’s mask – or a sleeping mask.


If a Big brother allows himself to raise monument against all possible opinions of the people…We claim that we, as Little Sisters, are allowed NOT to see them. We propose to organised guided tour for NOT seeing monuments that are offending.


- Choose monuments that you consider offending, and demonstrate so in a soft way, by organising a guided tour from one place to another not to see them.

- Go from one monument to another without your mask, or do get a proper training to walk as a blind. Of course choose a safe place where to stand before a monument NOT to see it.

- Then put on your mask, smile, and enjoy !


We invite you to wear a night mask in daylight because we like the dark. It is regenerating. This mask represents the black page that opens every night before you. A black page dedicated to your imagination where you can redesign public space according to your desire.

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